domingo, 14 de octubre de 2007

my toe :( is sick..!!

hey guys.. how are ya.. i dont have new and excitings stuffs to say.. so i gotta tell you that im concern about my toe.. ( my feet arent that pretty so ignore them!! ) i fell down like a month ago during an independence party and i hurt my leg and one of my toes... but my leg healed well but my toe.. yesterday during a party one of my friends saw my toe and told me to go to the doctor immediately cuz it was broken (wich i´ve been planing to do since the accident) now im worry and i decided tomorrow after work ill go..

so i leave u with a pic of it.. can u see? the one on the left side looks bigger than the one on the right side..

anyway... ill tell u what the doctor say layer..... love ya always lorena
ps.. the pic looks blurred cuz i took it with my cellphone :S

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

I’ve Been TAGGED!!

okkkk here it is
I’ve Been TAGGED!! Here’s how you play.Once you’ve been tagged (thanx katelyn! haha), you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, you choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged.

before i start.. dont make fun of my english cuz it sucks!!! hahaha ill do my best ok!!!

1. i guess most of u know this.. but when i was 4 years old i was at my grandmas dry cleaner´s and i saw my mom ironing my brother clothes and usually those businesses have big iron machines and my grandma has 2 of them and of course who doesnt wanna be like your mommy well, so i took a sheet of paper and i put it down the iron but at the time a put it there it flew away but i had to stop it so i put my hand in there and yep.. u can imagine what happened next .. thats how i got my scar

2. 3 of the things that i love and im grateful to have are my mommy(white shirt), my ant(the one with the brown shirt) and my grandma(the one with the green blouse), of course im grateful for my dad, my brother and my other grandma and family but they arent here, but these 3 girls are the coolest, they cheer me up always they make me laugh like crazy seriously its just fun to see them every single day, they crack me up. i love them

3. one of the things that everbybody hates but i guess im use to.. is to be dieting, since i remember im always on a diet... haha i get fat even if i breath ahahah

4. i cant keep a boyfriend for more than 4 months hahaha it is like a rule.. or.. well not a rule but always happens hahaaha.. i guess i havent find the right one..!!

5. i get scare very easily.. its funny cuz i love to go to the movie theather to listen the movies cuz of course i cover my eyes during the whole show! hahaha... when somebody is talking about ghosts i love to hear the stories but after that i can not be alone haha i freak out..everybody makes fun of me cuz im like a little girl even at night i have to have a light on cuz i cant sleep if its to dark.
 of my goals in life is to become a successful business woman, i would love to work for a big company, always be traveling, meet new people.. can u imagine?

7. one of the things that im proud of is my car. my first car that i bought by myself of course i still have to pay for it ..for 4 more years hahahaha but its like my little baby i just love it ... mine is red =)

8.i love to drive when is raining i get all excited i like it better if its during the night, makes me think.. but even if its not raining.. i like to drive, usually during the day i drive alone when i have things to do. but gives me time to think and clear up my mind..

9. one of my fears its to get married and then to get divorced... i dont wanna get divorced.. :S
wouldnt be easily if i dont get married thats means if i dont get married i wont have a chance to get divorced... hahaha smart thinking..

10. and the last one but not less important..."A fact".. one of the things that i wouldnt change for anything is to lived in utah.. to have friends like u guys, even if im not a mormon like u , if i do things that i know u wouldnt like me to do, there you are, thinking of me.. hopefully as much as i do think of you.. i just wanna let you know that you are a big part of my life and thank u for not forgetting me.. i love you

miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2007

WhaT a Fun SummEr

hey guys how are ya..!!

just coming back from a long vacation.. and tomorrow ill be on my way to cancun .. but not for vacation .. but for work.. it doesnt matter i`ve never been there and im so excite it..! and i just cant hide it.. jajaja do u remember that song?

actually im on a hurry packing and getting ready for school cuz i have a test today so it kinda sucks.. anyways.. ill leave ya with this pic.. it was taken in guadalajara like a week ago during the simpsons premier...

love ya all take care

viernes, 20 de julio de 2007

rainy days..

so.. finally after a while.. i`m back.. my stupid computer works once in a year and i guess today is my lucky day.. hahaha

so... i was driving on my way home from a sushi restaurant (which was really good... i like mexican sushi.. hahh cuz it is spicy) and it started to rain but really slow you know.. and after 5 min it started to rain really bad.. my car isnt tall and mazatlan gets flooded really quickly so i was on my way by the ocean and the weaves were hughe hahajaja i laugh right now.. but last night i was almost crying.. i thought i tsunami was coming.. hahaha i definitively found out that im a little girl.. i dont know what im gonna do.. the day that i decided to move out to another house or by my self.. iwould definitively cry on days like these..

anyways.. it was something really stupid but i wanted to share it with ya.. hahahah

here is a pic with my friends like 2 weeks ago.. we were going to stone island.. hahaha was so much fun.. in a sunny days..

i guess i like sunny days better...

martes, 3 de julio de 2007

a fun weekend..

hello... how are ya... im just waking up .. hahahaha dont u wanna have a job like me.. i just work on thursdays.. and 4 hours.. hahahaha im kidding .. im sick of being home all week long..

anyways.. i just came back from tucson,az.. was a crazy weekend. i was working when a friend told me... im leaving to go to hermosillo today.. wanna come? i and thought.. (well one of my friends had been calling me to go there.. soo.. ) i said yes.. we left the same day 3 hours later.. it was a 10 hours ride.. hahaha i couldnt feel my butt anymore ahaha.. so we arrived there.. and my friend left to another city the day after... so did we.. we went to tucson cuz they had this big sale cuz th 4th of july.. seriously i`d never walked that much but that day.. ahahah from 11am to 9:30 at the mall.. i was sick of it.. but it was fun though.. i needed this time off of mazatlan.. wish it would it been richfield.. but thas a little too far away.. hahahaah i go great sales though... so.. il write more later guys.. gotta go and cook breakfast cuz my mom aint here :S cyaaaaaaa love yaaaaaaaa

sábado, 23 de junio de 2007

GuESs Who`s baCk..!!!

Hello..... hey guys.. im back..!! hahaha after losing.. my last blog. well actually i didnt lose it.. i just forgot the password... and yeah that was pretty much why i couldnt update the last one.. but now.. i wont lose this one.. pinky promise...

anyways... today after waking up at 9 am.. without anything to do. i was looking through my stuffs.. and guess what i found.. (did you at least try to guess... yep.. that`s what i thought..) i found my year book.. yep the richfield one, i mean.. i was looking at the pics.. and the comments that you wrote on it.. it made my homesick.. seriously.. i miss ya guys..

but let me tell you a little bit about me..

im 21 years old.. hahahaha .. i dont have a boyfriend anymore.. still working at the hotel el cid.. and keep studying my carrer.. bussiness and administration..

right now im just living with my mom.. my dad is in chiapas.. kinda far away from home.. he`s working there.. and my brother is in mexico city..

so we pretty much take care of each other right here..

the weather in mazatlan.. u dont evenwanna know about it.. hahaha its horrible.. i cant stand being out side of my room or my car with the ac on..

but.. i better go.. i have my cousin`s graduation party tonight.. and i have to help her to get ready.. GUYSSSSS I LOVE YAAAAAAAAA ...

i`ll leave you with this pic .. she`s my mom.. the greatest thing i have in my life..